She has 5 children, 1 daughter and 4 sons. The daughter got married and lived far from her hometown, 4 sons living with hemophilia and 2 of them, the 1st and the 3rd sons passed away because of hemophilia and now the youngest child cant walk and needs to go to hospital so often to get treatment with the blood coagulation disorder.

 The poor mother’s name is Nguyen Thi Tu, she is from Trung Thinh commune, Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province. The family situation is very difficult so no other way but only when can she borrow some money; her son is taken to hospital.

The slim body with deep sunken eyes, worried face, she is in hurry to take the son Tran Dinh Quyet, who is crying in pain with his feet were swollen up since for such a long time, he has not got treatment to the treatment room before the complication health problem can rob the child’s life.

Waiting for her son on the balcony, she shared with me that: "Quyet has been in pain for a while but I could not borrow money to get him to hospital so that until today, when he could not stand by, I must took him here”


The youngest son of Mrs.Tu with hemophilia has not been treated for a long time

 Reminisced the two deaths of my sons, the 1st son was born in 1985 and he died when he was 16 years old, at the same year, my 3rd son who was born in 1997, also passed away when he was 4 years old after an accident, he fell down and blood could not stop bleeding. I have a photo of my 1st son on the altar but I don’t have photo of my second son so I only remembered his face when he was a baby.

  1st son died at his 16 years old. The 3rd son passed away when he was 4 years old but there was no photo.



The 2nd child was completed paralyzed because he did not get treatment for hemophilia

 In the same year,Mrs. Tu lost 2 sons, she thought that could not live on because of pain and sorrows but  the 2nd son who has been paralyzed ( the 2nd child) since 2003 and the life of Quyet make her to swallow the tear and keep taking care of the children. The children’s health problem were dinogised by the doctor that they have hemophilia and they need to get treatment often at hospital but working hard on the farm but she only can meet with the daily end, the family cant afford to pay for transportation, food and medicine.

 "Quyet also shared that I many times " almost die” because I fell down and kept bleeding. At that time, I was very panic and painful but may the God blessed so I could live until now. My parents are very poor and they cant afford to take me to hospital so I am always in worry”

 Mrs.Tu has just taken her son to the hospital but there are only few thousands VND left on her pocket so she may have to take her son back home in the afternoon even though only a half of medicine is transfused to Quyet.

 We would like to share this story to the community and call for kind hearts to support the family, any donation is highly appreciated.


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